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About welcome message

   Dear friends and colleagues,

Our company, DNA-Technology LLC, is celebrating 25th year anniversary of successful activities in the area of development of unique molecular diagnostics technologies. Since 1993, we have been developing, producing and deploying high-tech equipment and reagents for PCR (polymerase chain reaction) analysis.

Our team brings together leading experts in the field of molecular biology, immunogenetics, medicine, thermodynamics, optics, electronics and programming. This has enabled us preserve our high research and technical potential and ensure high quality and control standards at all production stages.

Our goal is to apply the latest findings of world science and molecular research methods to routine laboratory work in order to improve the quality of diagnostics and consequently the efficiency of treatment and prognosis of clinical outcome for patients.


Our main activities are:

  • Development of unified technological solutions for PCR laboratories – from laboratory plan, supply of equipment and reagents to promotion of the widest range of research, training of laboratory staff, interpretation of results and collaboration with clinicians;
  • Development and production of high-tech equipment for PCR-based diagnostics and research;
  • Production of a wide range of reagents for the needs of clinical bacteriology, virology and gene diagnostics;
  • Provision of service support;
  • Collaboration with clinicians.

 Our product range includes basic equipment and devices for PCR laboratories:

  • Detecting thermocyclers for real-time PCR analysis (DT devices);
  • Thermostats;
  • Instruments for end point PCR detection (FLASH technology, Gene devices);
  • Thermostats;
  • DTpack microplate sealer.

 The company has established a strong research base that features highly sensitive and specific reagent kits for PCR studies, such as:

  • Detection of viral and bacterial infections:
    • – Hepatitis and HIV;
    • – Urogenital infections;
    • – Herpesvirus infections;
    • – Human papillomavirus infections;
    • – Respiratory tract infections;
    • – Especially dangerous and natural focal infections;
    • – Other infections;
  • Analysis of dysbiotic states of the urogenital tract;
  • Genotyping of humans and microorganisms.