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Equipment for PCR-analysis

DNA-Technology manufactures basic equipment for all stages of PCR - sample preparation, amplification and detection. No doubt, that specific equipment is needed by a laboratory depends on its goals, the  type of studies it plans to conduct and the method of detecting PCR results it chooses. Thus, if your laboratory plans to carry out quantitative analysis (to determine the viral load of HIV, hepatitis B or C viruses in blood, the amount of genetically modified ingredients or vaginal bacterial flora), then the only option will be Real-time PCR which requires the use of an appropriate detection thermocycler that allows PCR to be conducted in real time while carrying out both quantitative and screening research. If your laboratory intends to conduct only qualitative analysis to detect the presence of infectious agents, then FLASH technology would be the most appropriate choice (which would mean using a Gene fluorescence detector). This technology makes it possible to conduct extensive research without additional labor costs at the detection stage, while at the same time significantly reducing the risk of contamination with amplicons. If you plan to use your laboratory for some specific purposes such as forensics, medical and genetic research, fundamental studies, HLA-genotyping etc, then the most optimal detection method would be electrophoresis. When using electrophoresis it has to be remembered that its main drawback is the increased risk of contamination with amplicons which can lead to getting false results, whether positive or negative.

Warranty and post warranty service.

During a warranty period we maintain and repair our equipment free of charge. After the end of the warranty period we offer post warranty services for our equipment.

Our service engineer will install PCR-equipment at your laboratory and train your personnel in how to operate it.