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Fluorescent PCR detector "Gene 4"

Флуоресцентный ПЦР-детектор «Джин-4».jpg

The special fluorescence PCR detector named Gene-4 is designed for registering the results of PCR with fluorescence- based detection.

Special Features:

  • The possibility to use probes and/or primers with fluorescent markers and quenchers;
  • Reduced labor costs and the time it takes to get results;
  • Closed-tube format for fluorescence analysis of PCR products (no electrophoretic analysis) minimizes the risk of in-laboratory contamination with PCR products and sets less stringent requirements for PCR laboratory organization;
  • USB interface/power supply;
  • Replacement rotor for 0.5/0.2-ml microtubes;
  • The efficacy of the device makes it possible to organize routine laboratory tests on a large scale;
  • The software for effective results processing, documentation and reporting;
  • Compact design.

Technical characteristics:

Number of detection channels 4
Excitation/detection wavelengths, nm 460/520
Detection time (12 test tubes), sec Not more than 30
Power supply (via USB ) 5 V, no more than 500 мА
Excitation source    LED
Detector    CCD matrix camera
Detection sensitivity threshold in 30 mkl of reaction mixture, max 0.002 pmol/mkl
Replacement rotors for 0.2- and 0.5-ml tubes 2
Number of tubes in a rotor 12
Dimensions, mm 240 x 200 x 110
Weight, kg No more than 1,4 (with replacement rotors)