PCR cabinet


The PCR box/cabinet is designed for organizing a space in a clinical, diagnostic or PCR laboratory that is isolated from the external environment. 


The front glass panel smoothly slides up and can be fixed in position at any height; An embedded set of AC power outlets allows laboratory equipment to be connected to power inside the box; An antibacterial exciter controlled by an electronic timer; ultraviolet radiation is blocked when the front glass panel is opened and when the PCR box is switched on; The body is made from coated stainless steel and glass. This type of design prevents corrosion when the surface is treated with aggressive detergents (hydrochloric acid, chlorine based and other types of solutions); The body is made with high precision lasers from one sheet of stainless steel to reduce the number of seams and gaps and to ensure effective radiation and treatment of the internal surfaces with detergents; The working space is 1200 x 600 mm which makes it possible to have a full-fledged working place inside the PCR box. The lighting of the work desk is sufficient for high precision work; convenient layout and ease of operation make the box indispensable when carrying out large numbers of routine laboratory tests.  


Dimensions, mm 1220 x 672 x 670
Maximal distance the front panel can be moved up, mm 390
Number of 220-volt power outlets 3
Maximum total current of connected equipment at 220 volts, A 10
Power consumed by fluorescent and ultraviolet lamps, W 30
Ultraviolet emission is stopped: When the front panel is open or when the light is switched on
Built-in UV radiation timer