Elf Power Supply-4


ELF-4 power supply is designed for electrophoresis of nucleic acids and proteins in agarose and acrylamide gels.


  • preferable to agarose gels;
  • capable of operation voltage regulation, current stabilization or stabilization of power;
  • a built-in timer allows you to disable the electrophoresis after a specified period of time, which prevents the loss of the results of electrophoresis due to excessive distillation.


Supply voltage 220 V+10%/-15%, 50Hz
Output voltage, V from 5 to 400
Output current, mA from 5 to 400
Output power from 0,5 to 80
Timer range 1 min to 16 h
Output voltage instability  No more than +/-1%
Amplitude of output voltage ripple  No more than 2 V
Locks: - Short circuit
- Open circuit
- Earth leakage
- Sudden change in load
- Internal testing