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Type of detection: Real-Time

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Real-time cycler combines innovative technical solutions, flexibility of setup, user-friendly interface and reliable design. DT-96 is the optimal choice for diagnostic laboratories with high workloads as well as for researchers that need some fine tuning and setup optimization.


Designed for PCR and the registration of the PCR results directly in the reaction (using intercalating dyes or fluorescent probes).

Thermostat «Гном» (programmable)

Gnom Programmable Solid State Thermostat

The Gnom thermostat proves especially handy when using incubation regimens comprising several stages with different incubation temperatures as well as when heating test tubes at high temperatures.

Thermostat «Термит»

Thermit Solid State Thermostat

The Thermit thermostat is a solid state thermostat for research and clinical diagnostic studies.




Intended for the organization isolated from the external environment of space in the clinical diagnostic and PCR-laboratories.